About Us

The Proactive Network Management Solution

You may be wondering why a name change after all these years. The move from Omnium, Inc. to OMG is not just a change of name but one of strategy. Through the acquisition of Silvear Computer Purchases we have expanded our offerings and built a more diverse company. This diversity allows us to handle your network from the planning stage to the deployment, as well as offer turn-key solutions for new branch deployments. We are truly Your Technology Compass

Our Logo

We receive enough comments on our logo to warrant an explanation. Our original logo was a representation of a sextant. A sextant is an instrument used to determine latitudes. While it is important to know where you are, we deem it more important to know where you’re going. Because of this our logo now represents a compass.

Technology in this day and age is ever changing. We like to think of ourselves as the guides that keep our clients on course. Not every new technology is good. The latest is not always the greatest. You should never have to answer a question like “With the size of my business should I spend the money on SCSI drives or are the less expensive SATA drives good enough?” Making those decisions is our core business so that you can focus on yours.

Our History