Were you hacked?

The website www.VNCRoulette.com is getting a lot of press recently. It is a site that shows screenshots of computers that have the VNC remote connection software installed with the default blank password. If you scroll through the pictures you’ll see a variety of desktops from industrial computers to home and office PC’s. To make matters worse, the site also posts […]

The worst threat out there: CryptoLocker

If you have not heard of CryptoLocker, please take a couple of minutes to read this.

There was a time viruses were nothing more than an electronic prank, often times with no purpose other than to see how many computers could be infected before it was caught. But almost a decade ago there was a major shift in purpose where viruses […]

iOS 7 Helping to Keep Thieves at Bay this Thanksgiving Holiday.

iPhone and iPad thefts skyrocket during the heavy traffic holidays like Thanksgiving. Here are some tips to thwart any would-be-thieves. Scenario: you put a passcode on your phone and assume that’s enough to make it secure since it’s enough of a hassle for yourself. However, if somebody takes the phone shortly after you’ve just used it, it won’t require a […]

What’s really inside your computer?

Smiling is our favorite too. But no, there are no elves inside your computer. However, technical terms can be just as much of a mystery. We often hear people use these terms without knowing what they really are. The average person can compare two cars and be able to determine which one will be faster, save you in gas, or […]